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The ZEROPLAY Miter Bars come with some of the most useful features that are going to take your precision game to another level. This tool is something that every woodworker should own for better cuts and successful projects. Here are some of the efficient features that will surely draw your attention.

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Features ZEROPLAY Miter Bars

No edge to edge play:

The bar system is a great tool that makes your table saw sled to a better level of functionality. Not only it gives you better working capability but offers you precision as well. There’s an effortless one-touch calibration within the mechanism. You will also find it an ideal feature to enjoy. To make your cuts more handy and easy this feature helps greatly. The whole miter saw slot gets filled with the whole width. This makes sure there’s no side to side play with the bars.

Perfect square precision:

Precision is something that can either make your project or ruin the whole work. If you are a precision-focused worker, then this bar is a must-have. It’s really important to work for accurate pieces. And these miter bars will help you have the perfect square to the fence with the better top-down installation. The bar comes with a hassle-free setup that works well with standard ¾-inch by 3/8-inch slots.

Fast square jigs:

The square jigs will be fast with this tool. It makes the construction perfect and effective. The bar system will be a great help to get rid of any seasonal warping. Especially form wood runners. The tool also helps take out the calibration guesswork. In the end, you get the easy squares flawlessly. So there’s no chance to not get delighted with its performance.

Good Length Sleds:

It helps you get perfect length jigs and sleds. You just need to use the two zero-play miter bars within the tandem. It makes the whole process of handling huge materials a piece of cake. It also guarantees that you can work with big pieces safely.


  • The meter bar is totally hassle-free to use.
  • There’s a one-touch calibration option within which makes using it super convenient.
  • There’s no sort of slopping involved.
  • The mounting process is super easy with a nice installation.
  • It comes with nice measurements to fit standard slots.
  • Comes with other efficient accessories.
  • The construction quality is robust and strong.
  • This is a durable tool to get.
  • Helps get even and perfect cuts easily.
  • It’s meant for any type of cutting needs.
  • Easy to use and handle.


  • Might fail to fit meter saws that come narrow.
  • The price is pretty high.

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Wrap up:

To make sure your cuts and works are on the safer side, there is no question about getting better tools and equipment in your kit. The ZEROPLAY Miter Bars are such a tool that proves its worth and gives you a lot of reason to go for it. The bars are meant to be important for any cutting needs while giving you flawless results from day one. It’s a perfect tool for perfect jigs and sleds.



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