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Wen 3920 Scroll Saw Review

Regardless of whether one is new or an expert at handiwork, particularly woodworking, everyone will certainly agree with the importance of crafting items with precision. After all, the quality of your work is definitely important, especially if engaging in handiwork is a means of livelihood. One of the most important instruments that are used by all woodworkers is the scroll saw. It is used for intricately crafting and building different items from wood, metal, and so on. One of the most popular and easily available scrolls saw in the market right now is the Wen 3920. In this article, we will look into the many features this saw has to offer.

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Unique Features of the Wen 3920 Scroll Saw Review:

The Scroll Saw is quite versatile.

If you have been into handy work for quite some time, you probably already know how difficult to can be to use a mono-speed scroll saw for cutting tiles. This is because we have to use tiles of different materials such as wood, graphite, and so on for a variety of projects. No matter what project you plan on undertaking, it is important that your scroll saw offers you variable speed options. Thankfully, the Wen 3920 scroll saw comes with different adjustable speed options. The stroke range of this scroll saw sits between 400 and 1600 strokes per minute. This adds to the versatility of the entire tool, and you will be able to go for a variety of cuts.

Suitable for cutting larger pieces of wood.

When working on a project, we will often have to work on larger pieces of wood. The Wen 3920 Scroll Saw is perfect for cutting through bigger and thicker slabs of wood. This saw has a throat depth of 16 inches which makes cutting larger pieces of wood significantly smoother and simpler. The scroll saw has the ability to cut pieces of wood that are almost 1.9 inches thick according to the company’s website!

Maintains a low amount of vibration.

The saw is quite heavy due to its cast iron construction. The weight of the saw sits roughly around 28 lbs. Due to this, you will feel less vibration when actually using the scroll saw on the project you are working on. Additionally, lower vibration can actually enhance the precision of the tool, resulting in better quality work overall. Your entire work will feel a whole lot simpler and efficient.

Comes with a built-in air pump for clearing saw dust.

One distinctive feature that the Wen 3920 scroll saw comes with is its built-in air pump. The air pump has been conveniently placed above the cutting area for removing saw dust. This feature can make your handiwork experience a lot less stressful.

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  • Wide speed range to adapt to different cutting styles.
  • Cast iron construction to reduce vibration.
  • Both pinned and pinless blades can be used with it.
  • Comes with an air pump to clear dust.


  • Some customers have complained about the blades being weak.
  • The air pump isn’t very powerful.
  • Takes a bit of time to mount the blades.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Will I be able to use this on a table top?

A: Yes, you will be able to use the Wen 392-0 scroll saw on a table top. However, it is better to use a clamp or utilize bolds to hold it in position while working.

Q: Will I be able to carve a ¾ inch hardwood with this tool?

A: You will be able to cut through ¾ inch hardwood, as long as you use the right blades with the WEN 3920 scroll saw. You may have to move a bit slow to cut effectively.

There are many scroll saws available in the market. You will find one in almost every price range. However, if you are looking for a scroll saw that performs decently and offers a lot of features, look no further! The Wen 3920 scroll saw will get your job done without breaking the bank.

   We hope that you have enjoyed a lot through the guideline and reviews and you should be ready to go. Reach out our best tile sawreciprocal sawtable sawscroll saw and other saws reviews also. Thank you for being with us.



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