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Rockwell Jaw Stand RK9034 Review

A stand is one of the vital things that you might need in a construction suite and the Rockwell Jaw Stand is one great pick for it. It happens to be a very convenient stand that will make your cuts even and level properly. Here are some of the features that would tell you why you should have considerations of buying it.

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Features ofRockwell Jaw Stand

Multiple Construction Application Facility:

You can tell it right by looking at its design that the stand has been constructed to perform great at jobsite. You can have the utmost versatility and portability in your profession which is quite essential in construction lines. It is one of the effortless tools to make sure you can take it anywhere whenever there’s a need. This makes a special benefit for construction workers who need to travel from one working spot to another.

Gives a Straight Line Workability:

The whole purpose of RK9034 is to let you work with maximum usability and comfort. When you use it for your cutting needs the stand helps you work in a straight line. It’s a perfect way to ensure the cuts are even, smooth and clean. The head bevels come with complete 90 degrees. You can hold a door in its place while trying to hand it and many other things that a worker might need to do.

Lateral Support:

The RK9034 is a great pick that gives support for level and clamping. It helps you keep the perfect positioning for fine tuning with an ideal leveling. So, you can expect your work area to get more efficient and sturdy. The feet are also well-built with a great non-marring feature. This makes the stand extra safe and easy to hold. So that no damage can ever harm your work and floors. Not even your important projects.

Bubble Indicator:

RK9034 comes with a better idea of the traditional roller stand to allow the user to have better work support. To complement the stand, you will have another feature which is the bubble indicator. This is an efficient feature that helps you get better attention while making cuts.


  • The build in quality is superior of this stand.
  • It’s very easy to use and place properly.
  • The assembly is quite handy and user-friendly.
  • It can hold securely for you.
  • There is no need for clamp adjustments.
  • The tool works excellently to get the proper alignments.
  • It’s convenient to lift material.
  • It helps to keep damage away from your projects.
  • It reduces the chances of missed cuts.


  • The clamp and the locking knob have some issues. It does not tilt properly which can be disturbing.
  • The height marks are not placed properly.

Wrap up

The Rockwell Jaw Stand is a great pick for work needs. The stand will complete your cutting toolkit. With this, the precision you get will be easier to attain and you’ll be able to save a lot of time as well as energy. So don’t wait if you need a great helping hand for wood cutting. This is the one you should get.



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