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Recovering an activated Brake of Table saw

If you just recently had an activation on your saw, there are few steps to take to reset the safety system and the saw before continuing the use.

First, disconnect power to the saw. Next, reset the retraction of the arbor block. To do this, remove the table insert and riving knife or blade guard and set them aside.

Turn the elevation handwheel counter clockwise until the lower elevation limits stop is reached. The arbor will automatically engage he retraction bracket. You will likely hear an audible click.

Next, turn the elevation handwheel clockwise to raise the arbor block and blade to their full height. Once, the arbor block refraction has been reset, the activated brake cartridge and blade can be removed from the saw.

Unlock the cartridge key by rotating at 90 degrees clockwise and setting it aside. By using the blade wrench, remove the arbor nut and washer from the arbor shaft and set them aside.

The key to quick and successful removal of an activated blade and brake is patience. Using a blade wrench as a lever, position the wrench behind the brake here to nudge it slightly off the mounting pins.


  • New Blade
  • Bench Vise
  • Blade Wrench
  • Blade Spacing Gauge or Us Nickel
  • Mallet or Hammer

Then move to the blade and by using your hand or the blade wrench, push it slightly toward the end of the arbor. Repeat this nudging back and forth between the blade and brake until they are free from the brake mounting pins and arbor shaft. Set the activated brake and blade aside. Slide the new brake cartridge onto the mounting pins and replace the cartridge key. Turn the cartridge key 90 degrees counterclockwise to lock it into place.

Install the new blade and replace the washer and arbor nut. Tighten the arbor nut with the blade wrenches. Once the new brake cartridge and blade have been installed, check the blade and break spacing to ensure the blade does not come in contact with the brake paul. If adjustments are needed for the brake and blade spacing, refer to the brake blade spacing solution blog or manual for further instruction.

Finally, replace the table insert.

For shipment of the activated brake, please detach the blade from the brake paul. Use a bench vise to hold the blade securely. With the teeth of the blade in a clockwise direction, position the brake so it’s at approximately four or five o’clock. With a dead blow mallet or rubber mallet or even a hammer, tap on the aluminium portion of the brake until the brake paul walks off the blade.

Hopefully, the article helped you a lot to solve elevation travel limit issues for an industrial cabinet saw. You can check our best table saws 2020, it will definitely help you to find your next best table saws.



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