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Kreg Bandsaw Fence KMS7200

It’s not a bad idea to think of boosting the accuracy of your band saw. And for that you will need a fence to do so. Out of all the other fences that have hit the market, there is one product which has impressed many users with its look, design and functions. And that is none other than Kreg Bandsaw Fence KMS7200. This model has a lot of features to talk about. So, let’s just highlight them to know about the fence more deeply.

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Features ofKreg Bandsaw Fence


The band saw fence has been made up of aluminum so you will find it extremely strong and long lasting. There are T-slots at the face and top side of the fence so you can add re-saw guides, stops and much more. Besides, you can also use T-nut in these T-slots and connect jigs or other attachments onto it.

However, the fence has been designed to mount into most of the 14-inch band saws. Although you can modify it to fit different sized and typed band saws, but you will need to drill a single hole to the mounting rail for that. The only issue is that some of the people still complained that the fence didn’t work with their band saw even after the modification.


The fence can adjust to assemble square ideally to your blade and table. Coming with two simple adjustments, it will let you set the fence so that it can match blade drift and enrich cutting precision. Moreover, the fence does not only adjust for the blade drift but also for perpendicularity to the blade if you want to cut thin veneers.

Plus, you can also remove the fence and you won’t require any tools for that which is something stress relieving. However, to take the fence out, you will just need to loosen the locking knob and then lift the fence up from mountain rail. By the way, the rail is situated beneath the surface of your table, so it will not get in the way.

However, you might find the adjustment mechanism for the drift a little complicated, so there is a chance to some troubles.

Extra Parts:

Besides the fence, mounting rail, and the hardware, you will get other stuffs including adhesive-back measuring tape, clamp block with Precision Lens Cursor and manual with complete instructions.

When it comes to the Lens Cursor, we can call it one of the greatest features of the product. You will find a thin red line on the Lens Cursor that will enable you to set the fence up precisely so you can cut tenons, veneers and other stuffs.

Speaking more of the extra parts, the fence comes with bolts, knobs and screws. However, some users felt the quality of these parts disappointing. Meanwhile, some of the users stated the same for the quality of micro-adjuster as well. If the brand had used high-quality materials like stainless steel for the bolts, screws and knobs, it would be a great product to have.


  • Variety of precise cuts can be accomplished.
  • Can be adjusted to set the square up ideally to blade and table.
  • Blade drift can be matched easily by setting the fence with two east adjustments.
  • Easy to remove and reassemble in low-profile position.
  • Re-saw guides or other fixtures can be added easily.
  • High quality materials used on the fence and mounting rail.
  • Precision Lens Cursor for accurate measurement.

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  • Adjustment mechanism for drift seems complicated.
  • Fence might not work with many delta band saws even after modification.
  • The quality of screws. Bolts and knobs is disappointing.
  • The quality of micro-adjuster is disappointing.

Wrap up:

There are many band saw blades that just do not run perpendicular to the front of your table perfectly. You will always find a bit of “drift” which stops you from attaining accurate cuts. But this fence seems to work amazingly. So, we would just give it a big thumbs up for its functioning.



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