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Incra MITER 5000

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When talking about Incra MITER 5000 , you will get a number of things to mention. This is not only a product but a system that offers precise angle control so you get the most precise cuts. So, let’s get introduced with this system that includes, miter gauge, sled, telescoping fence with a lot of features and perks.

Incra MITER 5000

Features ofIncra MITER 5000


MITER 5000 sled is usually a single runner-like crosscut sled. It enables the big panels to get cut on the table saw which could be very risky if done with a standard miter gauge. Since it is based on the precise angle control as well as incremental positioning system, it aims to work with both repeatability and precision.

However, the MITER 5000 has been designed especially for right tilting saw blades. This is a little con but the good part is that it can be modified to work for left tilt as well.


The package comes with a well-written manual that has all the instructions in detail so you can set the unit up and align it easily and perfectly. It might take time, but the setup process is easy.

You will need to use Allen wrenches to set up and align the MITER 5000.  Besides, you will also need an extra tool other than the included accessories and that is a screwdriver.

You will find a lot of components in the packaging which are placed separately. However, some of the pieces of hardware might not be needed after you set the whole unit up completely.

After you use the 5000, the sub-base will be cut to offer a zero clearance insert effect for the blades that will help lessen tear out. Moreover, you will get three sets of attachment holes for the sub-base and they are likely to fit majority of the saw.

However, the fence does not come in vertically square with the bed. But you can fix that with a paper or plastic shim to square it up as advised in the instructions.

Incra MITER 5000


The sled comes with an exclusive angle lock indexing system containing 364 Angle Stops for every 1/2-degree indexed stops increment for the table saw. You will also find special stops at 22.5-degree and 67.5-degree.

To attain a precise crosscut at any angle, this sled secures the work piece with two aluminum T-tracks and clamp attachment. Once making a cut, the right hand portion of the set secured to the right miter slot of a table saw with miter slider and functions.

Speaking of the tracks, there are embedded to help in securing an included workpiece hold down clamp. Moreover, they also offer solid support for telescoping IncraLOCK Cut-off Fence measuring from 36 inches to 64 inches.

The system also comes with a precision angle adjustment and stop positioner to get you a great control of work piece.

Not just that, it also features 10 extension disks. And just by adjusting the sides of the bar, the disks allow for low-friction travel and zero side-to side play on several table saws with standard miter gauge channel.


  • Well-built and solid.
  • Ideal for right tilting saw blades.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Improve the quality and productivity of any project.
  • Ten extension disks allows zero side to side play and low friction on table saw.
  • Secures the work piece greatly with T-track and clamp.
  • Offers a zero clearance insert effect and lessen tear out.
  • Offers precise angle control to make precise cuts.


  • Needs modification for left tilting saw blades.
  • The fence might not be vertically square with the bed.
  • Setup might take time.

We hope that you have enjoyed a lot through the guideline and reviews and you should be ready to go. Reach out our best tile sawreciprocal sawtable sawband saw and other saws reviews also. Thank you for being with us.

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