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Way of solving elevation travel limit issues for industrial cabinet saw

Dust can build up on the front trunnion of the industrial cabinet saw and may interfere with the lower limit of the blade height. If you can no longer lower the blade completely below the table, the dust build-up is typically the problem. This blog will show you how to remove the dust and restore the elevation travel limit of the blade.


At first, disconnect power to the saw, then follow the proper lock-out procedure. Turn off the main power switch and then remove the lockout key.

Remove the table insert. Also, remove the riving knife or any guarding or dust collection equipment. After the remove the blade.

This view is mainly the back of the saw. Here is where dust can build up and interfere with the lower travel limit. In this example, there is only a small amount of loose dust. A saw with elevation travel issues may have a build-up of compacted dust. You can remove the dust through this opening.

Break up the dust. It is important to take care not to damage the elevation screw. Use compressed air; as needed and remember to wear eye protection. Even, if you need more space to work, then please read the following steps:

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  • Remove the dust shroud door; pivot slightly and lift off the post.
  • Remove the dust shroud, for better access to the two capscrews that secure the dust shroud lower the arbor.
  • Use a 5 mm ball-end hex driver to remove the cap screws.
  • Raise the arbor; carefully lift and slightly turn the dust shroud until you can access the two screws.
  • Remove the two screws to disassemble the dust shroud.
  • Also carefully remove the main piece of the dust shroud.
  • Ensure there is no compacted dust on the bottom of the limit bolt.
  • Place the blade on the arbor. Lower the blade to confirm the blade goes completely below the table. If so, the problem is solved and you can reassemble all the parts you removed.
  • Reassemble and replace the dust shroud.
  • Replace the blade, dust shroud door, riving knife and after that insert the table.    

Tools list:

  • Blade Wrenches
  • Philips screw driver
  • 15 MM End Wrench
  • Compressed Air
  • 5 MM Hex Driver
  • Small Pry Bar, Flat- Blade Driver or Stick

Hopefully, the article helped you a lot to solve elevation travel limit issues for an industrial cabinet saw. You can check our best table saws 2020, it will definitely help you to find your next best table saws.



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