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Black and Decker 20V battery Review

We all use some form of a power tool in our households on a daily basis. Some of the more common power tools, such as drills and saws, are probably the most frequently used power tools at home. Moreover, you definitely need good power tools at your disposal if you prefer maintaining your home on your own and enjoy doing your own repairs.
In this article, we review one of the Black and Decker 20V battery that is compatible with all Black+Decker Power Tools.

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Nowadays, more and more power tools have started to emerge that do not require you to plug them in. Since you do not have to worry about dealing with cords while using them, you gain more in terms of mobility. However, the major drawback of using cordless power tools is not having enough charge on your battery to finish a task entirely. No one wants to charge up a battery again in the middle of working on something, so it’s always a good idea to keep a spare battery with you at all times.

Unique features of the Black+Decker 20V battery

1. Superior Quality battery with great longevity.

The Black+Decker 20V battery can be used for year after year without any noticeable hiccup. It can be used on almost all Black+Decker power tool products, such as their drill, flashlight, trimmer, hedge trimmer, and so on. Moreover, you will observe a very limited loss in battery life after years of using them. Since Black+Decker is a reputed company, their products are tested well for Quality Control. This means you are very less likely to find any defected battery out of the box.

2. Holds charge for a very long time.

One of the issues that most people experience with the cordless power tool is their ability to hold the charge for a long time. It is very important for power tools to function appropriately while using them for any form of maintenance or repair. I believe most users would find it very annoying if their cordless power tool stopped working in the middle of a task. Since this entirely depends on the battery, having a good battery to use with your power tool is very important. Luckily, Black+Decker 20V does a very good job. It has the ability to hold charges up to 500 days. On top of that, compared to 18-volt NiCad batteries, it can retain its charge 5 times longer.

3. Comes with a limited warranty.

Wouldn’t it be a major let down if you found out the battery you purchased is defected, as soon as you unpacked it? Of course, it would! Although Black+Decker is a well-reputed company and chances of receiving a flawed product are very thin, we can never be sure of purchasing something unless a warranty is provided. No matter how good this specific battery is, you do not want to receive a damaged product. Thankfully, Black+Decker provides a 2-year limited warranty for their 20V line of power tool batteries. You can purchase it without any worry!

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  • Compatible with almost the entire line of Black+Decker power tools.
  • Works well as a second battery for your power tool.
  • Can be easily attached and detached to all Black+Decker power tools.
  • A 2-year limited warranty is provided with the product.
  • Can hold charge up to 500 days.
  • Great longevity.


  • Sometimes may die out after a single usage.
  • A plastic latch that helps attach it to different power tools may break.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What does the red light that blinks on the battery indicate?

A: When you plugged your battery in for charging, you will notice a constantly blinking red light. This indicates that the battery is charging appropriately. Once, the battery is fully charged, you will observe a constant red light with no blinking.

Q: Will I get a battery charger along with the product after purchase?

A: Yes. The company provides a charger to charge the battery in the box.

There are many 20V batteries in the market that may or may not be compatible with your cordless Black+Decker power tool. However, this battery will definitely work with all Black+Decker power tools, since it’s made by the manufacturer themselves. Moreover, you get solid performance and great longevity.

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