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Best Wood for Woodworking Project

In many industries, wood is used as the most organic and valuable material. Though forests are reducing, but still the necessity of wood is remained constant for many reasons. There are two types of wood: hardwood & softwood. In this article, We will show you the implications of different types of woods and best wood for woodworking project :

The Best Types of Wood for a Woodworking Project
The Best Types of Wood for a Woodworking Project


Pine wood

There are different types of pine which include Ponderosa, Sugar, White, and Yellow. Each of the Pine has different types and characteristics but most of the types of Pine is mostly compatible with the environment and is possible to build good furniture with that. It is not too expensive and probably the best for making kids furniture.


Cedar Wood

If your focus is on light woodwork or outdoor projects, then Cedar is the most durable, less decay and it is very much easy to work with that of Cedar. There are different types of Cedar but western red variety is the most common one which is used widely on the different type of woodworking projects. The characteristics of that type woods including straight grain, aromatic smell and can handle the moist environment.



This type of wood is easy to find and are moderately priced. There are three types redwood including Coast redwoods, Giant Sequoias and Dawn Redwoods. Redwood comparatively soft and mostly compatible with the outdoor woodworking projects just because of resistance to moisture.


Cherry wood

On the woodworking, this type of wood is used as lumber as it is hard and the ideal material for most of the furniture fittings. It is hard to find Cherry at any local home place. So, to get it, you need to visit on any lumberyard if needed. The main cons of that type of wood are it darkens with the growing age and hard to find.


Maple Wood

Two types of Maple prevailed as wood: hard and soft. It is affordable and it looks great after many years of using also. That type wood is used for the heavy items just like kitchen cabinets and dresser handles. Maple is greatly durable and workable and the soft Maple is mostly compatible with any type of woodworking projects.       




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