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Best Tile Saws

Tile has been one of the most common building materials over the years. A tile saw is basically a tool by which you can cut tile. You are in the wrong place if you are looking to cut different things. It is one of the tools that has a particular purpose, and it does it very well. We are here to help you choose the best tile saws for you. So if you are looking for retiling your bathroom or kitchen, you will find the best tile saws here.

            There is always options of a tabletop, a handheld, and a motorhead wet tile cutter in the best tile saws. You may find it difficult to find the right tile cutting saw in the market. We are here to help you to relieve the pain of searching for the right saw. Also, we will try to give you an in-depth tile saw reviews that will help you to make the right choice.

            After reading our reviews and buying the guide, you will able to figure out which is the best tile saws as per your needs. Now we are going to discuss three of the best tile saws.

Below I have listed three of the best tile saws on the market.

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SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw


The SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch we tile saw is recommended for many professionals. The tile cutting saw is for them who know how to assess such a tool. It is our recommendation in the top of the list. The tile cutter comes at a very reasonable price. This wet tile saw has included a water pan of 2 gallons, a rail cart system, and a motor of 2hp. The blade is made of steel. And we can change it with the key. It is very lightweight and easy to use. You will have full control while doing a project and precise cuts. We recommend the skill tile saw for doing any housework.

Special Features:

  • Supports up to 12″ x 12″.
  • The stainless steel table top is rust resistance.
  • Includes 7-inch diamond blade.
  • Blade cooling water tank
  • Bevel tile cutter cuts tile from 0-45 degrees
  • Lightweight: 18lbs.
  • 3 years of warranty
Best tile saw

SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw


  • Reasonable Price
  • Adjustable rip fence with miter gauge
  • Keeps water comparatively contained
  • The table being rust resistant
  • Rip fence be likely to move a bit
  • Flexible for different types of cuts.


  • Lack of Power
  • Supports only 12x12inch tiles
  • Not made for a contractor

DEWALT D24000S Heavy-Duty 10-inch Wet Tile Saw


Dewalt has been a brand in the category of power tools for its increased efficiency and flexibility. It’s a renowned brand from the beginning. Right tools are must need if you want to get excellent quality and exceptionality, Dewalt is a trusted brand for many professionals, as well as households in the highly competitive in the tile saw market.

For any type of work purpose, the Dewalt wet tile saw can be your beginner tool when it comes to tile cutting saw. It is equipped with a wet tank to keep things cool. It ensures the capability to have precise fancy cuts. This Dewalt wet tile saw is one stop solution to ease out tile cutting hustles.

Special Features:

  • Powerful Motor: Comes with a 1.5hp motor, which makes it a mini powerhouse
  • Dual Water Nozzles: Eased with adjustable dual water nozzles located near the diamond blade
  • Easier to carrying: Furthermore, Dewalt is lightweight. So it is easier to carry.
  • Cart System: We can get diagonal cuts of tile with the help of its cart system.
  • Plunge Feature: For quick cuts and design, it contains versatile plunge feature.
  • Miter Cut Angles: Integrated with 22.5 degrees to 44 degrees miter feature


  • Having table rubber at the top to prevent slipping and sliding
  • Superb water containment
  • Can be used inside, not messy at all
  • Huge cutting capacity
  • Powerful and strong motor
  • The rail is very accurate and tight
  • Very accurate and precise cuts
  • Durable Wet tile saw
  • The motor is built for the long tow


  • a lot of noise while cutting tiles
  • Closure hands on the extra trays are delicate
  • The miter fence is little smaller
  • Clean up on the saw itself hard
  • Not having a laser guide

SKIL 3550-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw


As we know, in the power tool industry SKIL has become one of the powerful brands. In the market, SKIL is well-known for its improvements. If speed and easiness of cutting are what you are looking for then this SKIL wet tile saw is the best tile saws for you. It comes with sharp diamond blade, very good table design and new Hydrolock System. The wet tile saw gives customer freedom from the complication of cutting with easy cleanup.

If you want to buy a saw for bolder and larger projects, then consider the SKIL 3550-02 7-inch wet tile saws a perfect choice. This saw features a wide range of features that can assist you in cutting tiles fast.

Special Features:

  • Hydro-lock System: The SKIL wet tile Saw comes with new advanced Hydro-lock System particularly designed to stop water leakage
  • Sliding Extension: The wet tile saw comes with a sliding side extension supporting up to 18×18 inches.
  • Tile Cutting Ability: Blades are easy to install. It gives capability and stability to cut through different types of tile up to 1.9cm depth.
  • Miter Cut Angles:  The wet tile saw allows you to bevel cut tiles at 22.5 and 45-degree angles to make accurate angled cuts as well.
  • Rust-Resistant: The table top is made of Aluminum. It makes the surface long-lasting as well as rust-resistant.
  • Portability: SKIL has given a built-in Cord Wrap too for ease of storage and transportation.


  • Cuts straight
  • Sturdy and compact
  • Excellent, great power for its price range
  • The surface is made of aluminum, not plastic
  • Guide bar has indicators on both ends to make it easy to level out
  • The extension works great for cutting tiles which is larger.
  • Easy setup


  • Cleaning up the water containment holder is so annoying
  • You will get a little water leakage despite the containment system
  • So lightweight that occasionally a slight push can move the entire saw
  • The fence is reasonably difficult to adjust and could have been designed well

Final Words:

Hopefully, the article helped you a lot to decide what we believe to be the best tile saw. Also, we hope that you have gotten some tips and tricks throughout the article. Thus, it will help you choose the best tile saws in terms of performance, tile cutting ability, and power.

            If you want to build any DIY project, you should do some careful planning and detailed thinking. You should be ready before you prepare the right tools and start. The right tool will help you to build your project successfully. It also depends on how you want your project to go and what tools you need for the project to work on.

The tile saw is very important on a tiling project. But the experience you have been going through this occasion can inspire you to keep moving. This is why a perfectly chosen blade or a handy tool can make a lot of difference.

            We hope that you have enjoyed a lot through the guideline and reviews. Reach out our other saw reviews also. Thank you for being with us.




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