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Best technique for jointing lumber on your Table Saw

To properly and more importantly, safely doing that, you need to have straight edges to start with and you could do this on a jointer but if you have a wavy edge like this, that’s going to take forever on a jointer. But it’s really quick and easy to do on the saw. So, let’s see how to do that:

This particular board has a rough edge from the sawmill and a live edge remaining on it. Rather than go through the trouble of jointing this wavy edge and in order to create a straight edge to rip from, we are just going to use a temporary straight edge. For our temporary straight edge, we are using a piece of ⅛ inch thick hardboard. You could also use plywood. It does not matter exactly how wide the plywood or the hardboard is as long as it’s at least as long as the rough edge lumber and wide enough to cover a portion of the board and extend over the edge. We are just going to position this temporary guide so that it overhangs the rough edge and leaves enough material over here for me to cut away. Now, we will just secure it in place. We don’t want any possibility of the guide moving during the cut. So, it’s really important to secure it well. Some folks use double sided tape but I prefer to shoot a few 23 gauge pins into place that really makes sure that the guide is secured well. The 23 gauge pins that this pin nailer shoots are so small you won’t even see the hole from them when they are removed. It will look like part of the grain.

Now, simply set our rip fence, the same distance as from the edge of the guide board to the position we want to cut on the rough lumber. In this case, we will look at 16 inches. Now, We are able to make a very safe and controlled cut because, as we referencing the straight edge of the guide board against the rip fence providing a solid and consistent surface to guide the cut. The guide board pulls away from the lumber easily. There is a straight edge with the guide board removed the heads of the pins stick out. We can just remove those with players and that’s the last one.

Hopefully, the article helped you a lot to solve elevation travel limit issues for an industrial cabinet saw. You can check our best table saws 2020, it will definitely help you to find your next best table saws.



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