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Best Circular Saw Track – Kreg KMA2700

Do you sometimes look for a tool that will help you rip and make cross as well as angled cuts up to 48-inch long in materials such as panels, plywood and MDF? Then, you might not have tried this KMA2700 Circular Saw Track by the brand Kreg. Starting from its simple setup to precise cuts, the whole system features all the essential factors that you need.

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The track has been made up of aluminum material. You will get a blue material on the edges which help keep blade protected while hitting it. The first cut of the track saw will take the small part out of the material so that it can match the saw accurately. Then, you will find your saw blade tracking against the material edge exactly. This way, it will not only let you line up your cuts accurately to the marks with the track edge, but will also cause less chipping of your work piece. Below the track, you will find strips that offer grip so that it can keep the track in place when you are make cuts. These strips also help in making sure that you do not clamp it down while cutting.

One of the downsides is that the track can slide around sometimes. And if you think that the track is sliding up on the material, you can use optional track clamps as they can fit into the bottom side of the track easily.

Circular Saw Track

Universal Sled:

Well, the sled is one of the components that is mounted to the circular saw directly. It’s universal and is very much compatible with the Kreg Rip-Cut. Moreover, it can also accept any circular saw for its universal design. You will just need two screws to fix this to the front shoe of the saw. The best part is that the sled feels surprisingly light.

However, it has been made up of plastic. So, some of you might find it a little cheap and it can also be a reason to ruin a decent track.

That being said, the sled works great by letting you turn an ordinary saw to an accurate cutting tool.

The clamps are metal and they hold the sled to the circular saw. Just make sure that you don’t over tighten it. To hold the sled in place, you will just need to snug fit the screws.


  • Let you line up your cuts precisely.
  • Cause less chipping of work piece.
  • Strips have grip for keeping the track in place.
  • Sled accepts a variety of circular saw.
  • Accu-Cut is portable.
  • Anti-chip helps prevent splintered cuts.


  • The track might slide around sometimes.
  • Plastic sled feels cheap and can ruin the track.
  • Instructions might be confusion.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it require any special circular saw?

A: No, the sled is universal. So it does not require any special circular saw.

Q: Is it easy to clamp on as well as take off when not required?

A: It takes a little time but it is easy to clamp on and take off as well. You will just need to make sure that you store the metal piece over a flat surface for keeping it straight.

Q: Does it work with jigsaws?

A: No, it is not compatible with jigsaws.

Wrap up:

Just align the guide track with your marks and then enjoy the precise cuts. The Accu-Cut design has made it so simple that almost every one can use it. Moreover, you will also find it very portable so that you can take the saw to the work piece and do your job easily.

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We hope that you have enjoyed a lot through the guideline and reviews and you should be ready to go. Reach out our best tile saw,  scroll saw and other saws reviews also. Thank you for being with us.



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