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Adding Texture to Wood | Texture Sample

If you’re new to adding texture to wood you’ve got to experiment everything from different wood species some work great in one situation and very poorly in another you can also experiment with different texturing tools.

When you’re considering adding texture to a piece of furniture or woodwork that you’ve made. You really have to consider the type of wood you use tight grain would like maple or cherry works really well with really fine small texture. You can get an idea from this post Best Wood for Woodworking Project.

As a woodworker you’re often told to go with the grain but I find usually when I’m adding texture to a piece. When I go across the grain that snips the fibers nice and cleanly. And leaves a really clean really crisp surface when you go with the grain. It may work out just fine depending on if where the grain is running out. But you might run into problems immediately as well and you’ll leave a real rough ER a visually ugly surface as well so don’t be afraid to across the way.

Adding Texture to Wood
Adding Texture to Wood

When you’re texturing larger areas do your best to be patient it’s it’s not a race. If you rush through it it’ll show in the final product you want to get a reasonably even texture, usually what I also often do but not always. I often do especially what I’m using carving gouges is. I will do my best to remove all the surface and leave only gouge marks. It’s when you leave little areas between the Gaucho marks that that sometimes looks a little bit sloppy. But having said that there are also times when I’ve deliberately left the flats to fit the flat surface surrounding each of the gouge marks hence it’s worked out well.

As humans I think we always want to make things perfect but I think that’s rarely the best approach with adding texture. You want a little bit of variation if you’re creating lines you want them to be very in width, very in depth, slightly varying distance apart from each other. You want the user who’s looking at this to know that it was done by hand. If you’re looking to do something perfectly the CNC routers is probably where you want to go or or jigs with routers that sort of things.



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