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14 inch bandsaw tires – Best tires

You surely want to go with the proper equipment so that your machine runs smoothly and quietly just like you want. For this, bandsaw tires play a striking role to offer you such service. Although there are a lot in the market to choose from, but if you want to grab the best, 14 inch bandsaw tires by Sulpher Grove Tool can be your pick. No matter if you are a contractor, carpenter or any pro craftsman, these band saw tires have been designed to dazzle all the people out there. So to know what features do these bands have, you will need to scroll a little down for that.

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The best part of the 14 inch bandsaw tires is that they are made from Urethane. Since the material is able to outlast band saw tires of plastic and rubber, you can assure yourself that they will provide benefits. Besides, Urethane band saw tires won’t dry rot which other materials end up with. So, you can expect some amazing  performance from them.


You might find the installation process a little annoying but after having it set up, you will get impressed by its performance. Before talking about its performance, it is important that we highlight another perk of these tires. And that is, they do not need any adhesive for installation. You can stretch them for the fitment. Not just that, they are also designed specially to stay in place without the requirement of any adhesive. No matter, if you are replacing the tires on old saw or setting up a new saw, you will find installing it efficient.

14 inch bandsaw tires


The tires come in bright orange that makes them very visible so you can inspect it easily. Moreover, you can install them on any 14-inch band saw which requires a 1-inch wide with a thickness of 3/32-inch tire. So, you can guess the dimensions of the tire as well. However, there are many users who felt the tires a little wide for their band saw. However, it has also been mentioned that the actual wheel diameter can be 13.5-inch to 14.5-inch. So, in such case, you can trim the size of the tires if you want.


The bands are able to improve your saw significantly which is very impressive. Not only that, you will also find the saw a running smoothly and quietly due to the quality of the bands. Besides, these products will also provide less vibration so you can enjoy its performance.


  • High quality material.
  • The material does not dry rot.
  • Adhesive is not needed.
  • Stretchy for perfect fitment.
  • Come in bright orange for easy visibility.
  • Can be trimmed for ideal fit.
  • Able to improve saw.
  • Runs the saw smoothly and quietly.


  • Might not fit many saw tires.
  • Installation process is annoying.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are the band saw tires available in 105-inch length?

A: Urethane tires are available for the common wheel sizes. Speaking of the size, the most common ones come in 10 inches, 14 inches and 17 inches diameter. However, you will find different lengths of band saw blade which are used with these sized wheels. But to size the urethane tire itself , the diameter of the wheel is needed to be used.

Q: Are they crowned?

A: No, they aren’t crowned. You might find them flat having radius edge.

Q: Do you need to take the wheels off?

A: No, you can install the band saw tires without taking the wheels off as well.

Q: Is adhesive required for the tire?

A: No, adhesive is not required.

We hope that you have enjoyed a lot through the guideline and reviews and you should be ready to go. Reach out our best tile saw,  scroll saw and other saws reviews also. Thank you for being with us.



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